Looking for an alternative to the alternative or an alternative to the prescribed?

Welcome to Bowen Life

Bowen Life is a home-based clinic in the leafy suburb of Bulimba, Brisbane.

The focus is on Bowen Therapy and the umbrella skills that flow from this gentle, healing modality.  Benefits include pain relief, TMJ/TMD, adrenal fatigue, hormone release and many more (all benefits here), and is ideal for all ages – from babies through to the elderly.

Bowen Therapy is a neuromuscular-skeletal technique – that means it addresses the whole person and not just the anatomical source of pain.

Neuro (nerves) because Bowen Therapy resets the nervous system and facilitates the body’s innate ability to heal itself. As it works on the CNS it can also assist with hormone regulation and mental wellbeing.

Musculo (muscles) because Bowen Therapy involves gentle soft tissue movement in a cross-fibre movement that stimulates the fascia to successfully addresses the concerns presented. It is ideal for everyone – babies to the elderly.

Skeletal (skeleton) because Bowen Therapy aims to treat the cause of joint pain, muscle issues, sports injuries, ongoing or intermittent pain. Pre and post assessments monitor impact of therapy.