Bowen Life Healing Therapies

Balancing Ourselves with Energy & Nature

Hello, I’m Caroline

Looking for relief from pain or stress? Try Bowen Therapy right here in Bulimba, Brisbane.

Hi, I am a registered Bowen and Massage therapist, located in the leafy suburb of Bulimba, Brisbane. I am also an accredited McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release practitioner which can often compliment and complete your overall health and wellness journey.

I am committed to helping you feel the best you can, so every day becomes a better day than the one before. So whether that’s by relieving your ongoing pain and discomfort, or allowing your body to heal and destress through relaxation, rest and repair – I am here for you.

Who am I?

Well, my journey into the health and wellness began almost 20 years ago on my return from a 3-year posting in Shanghai.  Qualifying as a remedial and pregnancy massage therapist I later studied a post grad degree in counseling expanding my knowledge and interest about our overall mental, physical, and emotional well being, before becoming passionate and amazed by the subtle healing of  Bowen therapy.

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“Most people think that if you want to correct posture or have a cricked neck you’ve got to adjust the bones; but obviously everything is held is place by little ligaments, short muscles and longer muscles, and that relationship holds everything in place. The skeleton obviously doesn’t hold up by itself without all the little muscles. So we are affecting the relationship between all these little structures; the muscles, the ligaments, the tendons that keep the posture in place.” John Wilks, 2009



…through relaxation


“What an introduction to Bowen Therapy!  From my first session, I felt comfortable with Caroline, and with the benefits of the treatment.  Caroline hears your concerns and questions, adapts treatment to suit you, and has such a kind and professional manner.  I would highly recommend giving Bowen Therapy with Caroline a try.”
Ruth (Admin Officer/Yoga Teacher)

“I thought you would like to know that I am now pregnant.  Thank you for relaxing me!”

Melanie (Nurse)

Caroline with her magical hands, is a very caring practitioner of Bowen Therapy. My treatment has only just started, however, I can feel a change in my long-standing physical issues.

Angela (Disability Services)

I highly recommend Bowen Life Healing Therapies.  It’s a lovely, calming space and Caroline is professional, knowledgeable, friendly and attentive.  My body feels much more at ease after each treatment and Caroline’s attention.

Cat (Yoga Teacher)

Your treatments Caroline help greatly and bring well-needed deep-healing to an over-reactive body. I love your calm setting and your caring but engaged approach to practice.

Helen, (Educational Kinesiologist)