McLoughlin Scar Release

This technique is used for the treatment of post-surgical scars or scars as a result of traumas.

Small cross-fibre moves are performed across and along the scar.

Work derived from massage and Bowen Technique but essentially differing in application due to the small and specific location of the work, the multiple directions in which the moves are made and the specific technique employed in the gentle ‘pull’ that helps release the collagen fibres of the scar.

A typical treatment/session involves small cross-fibre, multi-directional moves across and along the scar.

The duration of treatment is typically anything from one or two minutes up to a maximum of 15 minutes for a large scar in a single treatment session.

Repeat treatment sessions are sometimes required if all sensation has not been restored in the first session or if there is complex scar tissue from multiple surgeries.

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