COVID-19 Clinic Policy

Updated 11 May 2020.

These terms are in place until further notice.

In The Clinic

  • Client appointments will be spaced out with longer gaps between each appointment to reduce client crossover.
  • The front door will be locked and only open just prior to appointment time. (unless it is pinned open, in which case, come on in!)
  • All clients will be asked to apply hand sanitiser or to wash their hands upon arrival and after returning from the bathroom.
  • Please come to your appointments by yourself. No children or partners at this time please.
  • Clients will be asked screening questions with regards to COVID-19 to determine if we are able to carry out the treatment.
  • All surfaces including such items as desk, door handles, pens, seating, will be wiped down with disinfectant after each and every client.

In The Treatment Room

  • All towels are changed after each client (as usual). Clean towels are stored in a separate room to avoid contamination.
  • Massage table and equipment is wiped down after each client
  • Door handles, massage oil bottle, shelves, chair/stool will be wiped down after each client
  • Therapist will be hand washing and sanitising before and after contact with client (as usual).

If you are feeling unwell or have symptoms of any sort, regardless of the severity of the symptoms, please call to reschedule your appointment.

This is a shared responsibility which we take very seriously.  These measures are for your wellbeing as well as ours.  If the therapist gets sick there is no Bowen Therapy for anyone, and we don’t want that!

*We base our policy on recommendations from Australian government agencies and our professional industry association, Bowen Association of Australia